Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blazer Tag!

Yes, I said Blazer tag!

That is lazer tag played on someones birthday.  I had never played lazer tag before.  So, when Sarah invited me to join in on her birthday lazer tag fun on June 12th, I said yes, but I was filled with bit of nervousness.

What happens in lazer tag?

Will I get hurt?

Will someone jump out and get me?

Do we have to play with people we do not know?

All of these questions and more went through my head.

But, alas, lazer tag was a blast!  We got to play three times.  Even though my gun had to have been broken during the first game I had fun.

We were all running around so much that we broke a sweat.  I did not imagine that I would have such a good time.

Thanks for inviting me!  I hope you had a great birthday!

Team Blue

Team Pink

It was a battle until the end....  I am pretty sure team Blue won... hands down!  Holler!

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