Saturday, July 16, 2011

Medal Hangars

I have been running since the beginning of 2008, as you know.  It was not until recently that I started to run bigger races and I did this all with my best friend Stacie.  After running our first marathon in San Diego last month, we began looking for something to hang all of our race medals on... as we are expecting to gain many of them in the coming months and years.

We first became interested in hangars when at an old professors house in Colorado.  He had a bronze bust that he hung his medals off of.  Stacie and I both found this to be fantastic.  For many weeks we took a gander here and there for some sort of bust.  Let me tell you this... they cannot be found.  I have no idea where one can get a small bust.

About two months ago, our luck changed.  I found a website for steel hangars.  They are crafted to hold up to 24 medals or something crazy like that.  You can get ones that say Runner, 13.1, 26.2, runner girl, rock n' roll, etc.  However, these are around $40 dollars and then have a $10 shipping and handling fee.  I know fore sure I am not going to pay that much money for a medal hangar.  I might not be opposed to getting it for someones birthday or as a Christmas gift, though.

Getting one step closer each time.

Then last month, I came across a post from a girl who made her own.  Too me, it looked like she got all of her stuff from Michael's... but I could see that she used her cricut for the lettering.  Luckily, I believe in the talent that Stacie and I have and I knew that we could create our own.  That is just what we did!

We got our supplies at Michael's and then headed to the garage to drill some holes.  Once that was done we got really crafty.

Here are some photos of our medal hangar party:

I drilled all of the holes for my hangar and Stacie's as well.

I told my gramps that I would not drill into his board, because I would be cautious...

Stacie modeling peg placement.

I am beginning the process... only 13 more to go.

Stacie hard at work.

Stacie with her finished product!!
It reads:  Man imposes his own limitations, Don't set any.
I cannot recall who that is quoted from, but just know, that it is a quote.

Finishing up.

My hangar with my medals.

What do you think?  How did we do?  We spent far less than $50 and I believe they reflect each of us, which is even better.

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