Monday, July 25, 2011

The Fourth of July edition 2011

The Fourth of July has come and gone.

I found it kind of amazing at how the holiday snuck up on me and then waved goodbye.

Now the month is nearly over!

I didn't think that I was going to be doing anything for the 4th, because my friend Tamara was working.  As it turns out, she got off of work early and we were invited to go out on the Sea Star.  The Sea Star or Ocean Star ... Hmmm.  Either way, it is a boat and it took us out in Oceanside Harbor.  We watched excitedly as Camp Pendleton lit up the sky with an amazing display of fireworks.

It was no Prague, Czech Republic for the New Year, but it was fun and beautiful in its own rite.

Sun setting in the Harbor.

Ahh... an American staple.

Some views from the boat:

Tamara with her future sister-in-law (left) and mother-in-law (right).


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