Monday, July 4, 2011

A Book in Review: Baking a Thank You with Sweet Gratitude

First off, Happy Fourth of July... Independence Day!
I hope we are all taking the time to think of those who fight for our freedom daily/ protect it.
Let us keep them in mind as we are grilling and hanging out today.

Image from Sweet Grtitute review page.

Sweet Gratitude:  Bake a Thank You, by: Judith Sutton  is a great new addition to my baking library.
Infact, just yesterday I brought the coconut cake from this cookbook to a Luau.  Although hardly anyone ate it, it turned out very well and has great flavor.  When I was making the frosting, I thought cooking it over heat might be a bit too time consuming... however the whole process went rather quickly and the way the frosting tastes made the labor well worth it.

Many of the recipes are fast and easy to make.  I love the idea behind baking a thank you.  What better way to show your gratitude, than baked goods?  I honestly cannot think of any.

You do not need to own this cookbook to get in the kitchen and bake your thanks!  Any old recipe will do.  Who has done something for you lately?  Watched your dog/ house while you were gone, mowed the lawn, baby sat, helped you move or unpack??  These are all thank you worthy and perhaps people will be more eager to help you out, when you thank them wth ganace cookies or something equally amazing!

Have fun thanking everyone in your life!

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