Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Matchbox 20 with Vanessa Carlton

What a show!

I have listened to Matchbox 20 forever.  I have their first album on cassette!

My mom is a huge fan as well and that is why when Pechanga Casino was having them kick off their summer concert series, I got tickets so fast!  The concert was on July 9th.  It was a lovely day for a concert.  Despite our horrible seats, we enjoyed a rocking show.

Vanessa Carlton was very good.  Boy can she play a piano!!  She was very quiet and calm.  I think this was great, because it made Matchbox 20 even better.  Rob Thomas is a great performer and they all work well as a band.

At one point Rob Thomas went to use the stage towel... thinking it would be hand towel size, but it was a full sized towel.  He found this to be very funny and he wrapped it around his waist and pranced around for a while.  Funny to those in attendance only, I am sure.

Any song you have ever heard on the radio... they played!  It was bloody fantastic!!  I knew all but one of them and that always makes for a better concert!

Thanks Matchbox 20 for a rgeat night!

The middle blob is Rob Thomas.  Ha, ha.

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