Friday, July 22, 2011

East Bound on the 76

The other day I was with a friend and we were going east bouind on the 76.  There was a bit of traffic, but we were stuck with the same group of cars during our travels.  At one point I looked over to the car on our right and there was a man in a small silver sports car.  He had to have been around my age or early thirties.  He was probably a Marine.

Anywho...  When I looked over, he was stretching his arm out of his roofless silver sportscar... fanning out his fingers.  Yeah, sure that's normal.  I stretch my arms and hands out every now and again.  There ain't no problem here.

But, what he did next was very odd and made Tamara and I feel weird.

He began tracing the outline of his side mirror with his pointer finger... repeatedly.  It was very odd and I couldn't quite figure out why one would do this.  He did this slowly and with meaning.  I pointed this out to Tamara and she just laughed.  We were so confused.

So, naturally I did this to the side mirror on the passenger side... laughing with Tamara as I did it.  That is when this girl passed... looked at me with a confused look and laughed.

Well... hopefully she will forget what my face looks like.

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