Saturday, July 23, 2011

An Ocean Swim

Last night I went for a swim in the Ocean.

I got to the beach just as the sun was beginning to set... a little after 7pm. I stayed until the sun was completely down (a little after 8).  I wish so badly I had a water proof camera, because the colors that were being displayed in the sky were out of this world.

The water was warm and calm.  It called to me.  It told me I had to swim in it.  How can you argue with that?

It was exciting to see the pier lite up in the shimmering sea.  It was all quite spectacular!

Tamara and I were in our own little world, but as we swam around, we could see others in their worlds.  There was a family doing a photo shoot, two older gentlemen fishing... where the waves met the sand, surfers trying to catch the perfect wave, and a few stragglers walking about.

All quite wonderful, I must say!

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