Friday, July 29, 2011

Lake Gregory

As a child growing up in the Twin Peaks/ Lake Arrowhead area, I often went to Lake Gregory in Crestline, with my mom and brother.

We always went on the north side of the lake.  I remember my mom bringing snacks and juice squeeze.  I love juice squeeze.  It is a carbonated fruit drink.  I found some at Costco recently.  Anyway, it would always get super hot at the lake and scald my throat as it went down, but it tasted so good... I couldn't help but drink it.

We stopped going after a while, because us kids grew up and my mom no longer had the desire to take us to the lake anymore.  Plus, one time my brother and I were swimming in the lake and we swear that we saw a two headed fish!  Ahh!

I had to break past my fears the weekend of July 17th, because Tamara's sister had a birthday party for her 4 children at the lake... on the north side.  I did not physically get in the lake, but I finally got to ride a water trike and it was glorious... and a lot of work.  Who knew?

The lake and mountain look great. I didn't see any remains of the bark beatle trees.  The lake was looking pretty healthy as well.  The one thing that hasn't changed is the massive amounts of lake weed!  Everywhere!!

I always feel so lucky to have grown up on the mountain... but everytime I visit, I realize that there is no way I could ever live there again.  Perhaps if I ever have my own children, I will rethink this.

Look how much fun we had out on the lake!

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